First started as a distributor of Asian machines. After field-testing in Europe, we knew we could create better solutions. Work on our first prototype began in 2014. Thanks to extensive R&D, generous financial backing, a state-of-the-art manufactory and a dedicated team, current years marks the start of global sales of our own innovative, all-new Q1-Series ice vending machines, which we were proud to present at The NAMA Show and VENDITALIA.

Our group has been producing B2B machines and distributing abroad for many years.

We have partnered with one of the largest manufacturers of in Europe with over 25 years of experience in supplying demanding subcontracting work

All QUICKICE R&D and full production take place in Poland.

We are experienced in High Mix, Low Volume production, which allows us to produce and logistically coordinate large orders of dispensers each month.
Using the opportunities that globalization offers we are very flexible and we provide a optimal time-to-market solutions.

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 3834 / INDUSTRY 4.0 / TUV

trade shows – The nama show & Venditalia
Thanks to large-scale, multi-day  trade fairs in Milan, Italy and Las Vegas, USA,  we met with representatives  of companies from  around the globe – notably Europe, South America, USA and Southeast Asia – interested in our machines.
Most  of the representatives we met had considerable substantive knowledge of  the  functionality  and  profitability of the vending businesses, as well as in investing in our  proposed  venture or  possibilities of  using  media  solutions.
We received  a lot  of  positive  feedback and  confirmation from others about our  mission,  presentation and  projected  potential  for  global opportunities.
We  have  met many  clients who  have been  actively Involved  in the vending sector  for  many  years,  who  were  convinced  of  the  potential  of  ice  cube vending  machines  and  believe  in the range of  opportunities this  innovative idea gives, as well as the possible return on investment.